Your home-field advantage

Backed by local knowledge and expertise, Dyna-Gro Seed and services are part of Nutrien Ag Solutions commitment to provide full-acre solutions that maximize yield potential.

The Dyna-Gro difference

Offering seed options that group growers by region or planting zone does not reflect the true diversity of farming. Dyna-Gro understands that every farm and every field has their own unique set of challenges and that those challenges change from year to year. Further, we know what works for your neighbor might not be the best fit for you. For over 30 years, Dyna-Gro has worked with local growers to find the best seed solutions for their farms by consulting with them on a one-to-one basis and offering:

  • Ongoing seed consulting, from pre-season evaluation to post-harvest analysis
  • Handpicked recommendations based on local trial data and in-field experience
  • Strategic seed selection from a diverse product portfolio, focused on maximum yield benefit while identifying the acres where they can add the most value
  • Local expertise and experience in all aspects of the growing cycle, including seed treatments, fertilizer applications, precision agriculture and more.

Innovative seed solutions

Every year Dyna-Gro makes a significant re-investment into the development of new seed and trait innovations designed to target specific diseases, insects and other pests. Unlike other seed providers, who limit themselves to a single source of genetics or traits, we source our innovations from the nation’s leading technologies utilizing best-of-breed plant characteristics to deliver the optimal solution for you. We believe in helping our grower partners stay informed about ongoing genetic improvements and remain committed to making the results readily available and easy to digest. By comparing performance claims and providing better data, Dyna-Growers are able to make better-informed decisions for their farm.

  • CORN
  • RICE
  • Strength and selection

    Dyna-Gro provides farmers with access to nine different crops, where only our strongest performing seed innovations make it to market. Our rigorous selection process utilizes data from over 3000 independent, 3rd party research sites and replicated trial results from 150 different field research sites across the country. So you know the seed you’re counting on already has a successful track record in your area, according to real-world conditions.


    Local solutions backed by global resources

    Buying Dyna-Gro Seed from Nutrien Ag Solutions, the world’s leading ag retailer, ensures you get the support you need, when you need it. Through a network of trusted crop consultants at more than 1,700 global locations, we help growers achieve the highest yields possible with a wide selection of sustainable solutions.


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